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Wednesday, 05 August 2015

Brazil’s ABTRA joins International Port Community Systems Association

Brazilian industry association the Associação Brasileira de Terminais e Recintos Alfandegados (ABTRA) has become the latest member of the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) and the first to join in Latin America.

Representing over 60 organisations throughout Brazil, ABTRA acts on behalf of  companies dedicated to handling and storage of containers, loose cargo and bulk solids and liquids on issues related to the port sector and foreign trade in the country.

“By joining IPCSA, ABTRA intends to establish a connection to the systems adopted by the most important ports in the world – particularly those that trade with Brazil – and exchange experiences to improve our system even more,” Matheus Miller, Executive Chairman  of ABTRA said.

“IPCSA has been a great supporter and encourager of Single Window technologies in Europe,We want to gain a deeper knowledge of the PCSs used by IPCSA associated ports, and look forward to exchanging knowhow with other PCS operators.”

ABTRA was instrumental in developing the Janela Única Portuária (JUP), the Single Window/Port Community System used by Customs, terminals and public agencies in Brazil and has been a supporter of greater integration within the sector.

“We also look forward to exchanging knowhow with other PCS operators, drawing on ABTRA’s 20 years of constant development and updating of JUP, its features and systems. The technologies adopted by port companies located in the Port of Santos are at a similar level to those used in the Europe," Miller added.

The expansion of IPCSA to Latin America now means that the organisat5ion has members in all five United Nations countries and it is hoped the addition of ABTRA will deliver new perspective on both global and regional global issues relating to Port Community Systems, Single Windows and the electronic facilitation of trade.

“ABTRA is already playing a very important role in seven ports, including Santos, Brazil’s largest port, and we look forward to sharing experiences and know-how with our new colleagues, as we work together in areas of common interest,” Richard Morton, Secretary General of IPCSA, said


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