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The development of the remote and autonomous (R&A) shipping has become one of the hottest topics in the industry over the past couple of years.

The container handling equipment market is to grow 39.3% to reach a size of US$ 8.75 billion by 2025, from an estimated $6.28 billion in 2017.

A significant demand shift across the barrel is expected in less than two years' time as the industry prepares for IMO's 0.5% sulphur cap in 2020.

The DOCK Innovation Hub, a platform for start-ups in the domain of smart seaport and maritime technology, has teamed up with Maersk.

The 2020 deadline on the implementation of low sulphur marine fuels is already shifting things around in the shipping market, although up until now, most shipowners, in Hellas at least, are shying away from any major changes in their fleet, until they get a better grasp of things.

Maersk, which has undertaken a restructuring of its divisions by selling off its energy units, will now continue to concentrate on investing in its containerized logistics in order to become a bigger player in the end-to-end supply chain.

The International Shipping Industry still remains the only way to move the majority of minerals, energy products and manufactured goods between the nations of the world.

Thirteen EU Member States, led by Denmark, have called on the European Commission to present an ambitious proposal on revising the Reporting Formalities Directive.

Shipowners, banks and charity organizations including the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and non-profit Forum for the Future launched the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative on March 7, in Hamburg.

Djibouti's Doraleh Container Terminal Management Company has signed a contract with Singapore-based shipping company Pacific International Lines (PIL), which is set to bolster cargo volume at the terminal by 33 pct, the Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority (DPFZA) said.


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