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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Boxreload Exchange offers new Opportunities

Boxreload Exchange offers new Opportunities

Hutchison Ports is to launch a new feature on its ground-breaking Boxreload cloud-based system to allow road hauliers and third parties to combine resources to offer more effective haulage solutions.

The Exchange, which is being launched on 1 July 2016, will allow Boxreload members the ability to post available containerised transport jobs online where they can be viewed and requested, but only by pre-selected and trusted partners.

Andy Barker, General Manager of Boxreload, explains how the new feature will work:

“Companies that subscribe to Boxreload will be able to select their preferred transport providers through a Facebook-style ‘friends’ system. When they post container loads on The Exchange, which might be imports, exports, terminal-to-terminal shunts or empty moves, the selected providers will be able to view and accept to do the transportation which is managed through the Boxreload system.

“The Exchange works in reverse giving haulage companies that choose to collaborate a greater ability to utilise their fleets in the most cost-effective way. This feature directly compliments the ‘Reload’ part of Boxreload in that we will continue to seek collaboration opportunities for our members, replacing two journeys by two trucks with a single truck. Where this is not possible, they will now have the possibility of finding alternative loads through the real-time Exchange system.

“We have developed this new functionality after speaking directly to Boxreload members and listening to their requirement for just this type of feature. The Exchange will be accessed through the existing portal and will be available to all Boxreload members at no additional cost.”

The innovative Boxreload platform was first launched in 2015 to allow trucking companies to protect revenues and their commercial relationships at the same time as enabling them to work with their competitors to cut costs. By delivering better utilisation of equipment, trucks and drivers, it also reduces overall road miles, minimises the environmental impact of transport and can help cut congestion.

Boxreload is operated by the PARIS Optimal Transport Planning division of Hutchison Ports. PARIS has extensive experience delivering multimodal optimisation solutions for its clients which include some of the world’s largest shipping lines.

Press release 30 June 2016


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