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Friday, 10 July 2015

Noatum Terminal to test 100% electric tractors

Pilot testing of Europe’s first electric terminal tractors is set to begin at the Noatum Container Terminal in Valencia in September as part of the European Sea Terminals project.

The project, which aims to cut fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions from ports, will feature prototype terminal tractors developed by Dutch engineering firm Terberg, the first 100% electric terminal tractors tested in Europe.

Led by by the Fundación Valenciaport, the project will involve the Port Authority ofValenciaand Noatum and will also test a new design of reach stacker and container handler developed by American manufacturing company Hyster (NACCO Materials Handling Group).

Lithium Iron Phosphate technology

The new tractor design incorporates a novel energy transmission and storage system, featuring lithium iron phosphate batteries as well as a hydraulics system and 24 volt mains connection for recharging the tractor.

“The electric vehicle prototype has zero local emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases, in contrast to traditional terminal tractors that run on diesel engines. Other notable features include the ability to operate in enclosed installations and low noise pollution, as well as sufficient autonomy for eight hour shifts thanks to the design of its battery pack,” a spokesperson commented.

Hyster’s empty container handler and reach stacker technology include a range of features such as telemetry monitoring, start-stop systems and LED lighting designed to improve efficiency. Both products also feature dual function modes, allowing the operator to switch between eco and normal operation helping reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

Testing is due to start in September and run for three months with the first machines arriving on site inValenciaat the end of August. The pilot project will also test integration with the SEAMS operational management platform implemented at the Noatum terminal, making it possible to monitor the machines in real time and locate bottlenecks in the terminal's operation.


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