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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Drewry report highlights variation in terminal operational performance

Analysis of container terminal assets by consultancy Drewry suggests that operational performance of the world’s container terminals vary widely dependant on location, terminal size and traffic type.

“These analyses are deliberately distinct from typical service level related measures such as crane moves per hour, Neil Davidson, senior analyst in Drewry’s Ports & Terminals practice said. “Instead, they reflect the performance of the most important - and expensive - infrastructure and equipment assets in a modern container terminal.”

The Container Terminal Capacity and Performance Benchmarks report analyses the performance of operations in around 500 terminals worldwide over a three year period from 2011 to 2013. The analysis then focuses on three key aspects: the quay line, the yard and the ship-to-shore gantry cranes.

“An equipment manufacturer will tell you that a gantry crane can theoretically handle 250,000 teu per annum and this is true. But our analysis shows that the reality is that on average, the world’s gantry cranes actually only ever handle about half this amount per annum,” Davidson added.

Larger is better for performance

The highest performing regions saw up to 70% more TEU per hectare than the world averages. This was largely driven by terminal size with performance of large terminals markedly higher than small ones. Asia and the Middle East, where terminals are typically larger, generally achieved higher figures than the world averages.

The report also highlights a difference between transhipment terminals and gateway terminals - larger vessel sizes, more container exchanges per call and low container dwell times all led to better performance at transhipment hubs.


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