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Monday, 11 August 2014

Pelindo II refuses to cancel HPH contract extension

Jakarta International Container Terminal Jakarta International Container Terminal JICT

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II refuses to cancel the contract extension it granted to Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) to operate the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) in Tanjung Priok, The Jakarta Post reports.

The Indonesian government last week reproached state-owned operator Pelindo II with not securing permission from the Transportation Ministry to renew the contract.

Pelindo II replied by accusing the ministry of interference. “Why should we ask for the government’s permission to renew our cooperation with our partners?” reportedly asked Pelindo II president director Richard Joost Lino. “JICT’s area is owned by Pelindo II […]. Therefore we don’t need permission from the government to renew the contract.”

JICT is the largest container terminal in Indonesia. The joint venture between Pelindo II and HPH was due to expire in 2019. According to The Jakarta Post, a contract was recently signed to renew HPH’s concession for another 20 years. The newspaper explains that the contract was renegotiated before the end of the term because Pelindo II needed additional funds to construct Kalibaru Port in North Jakarta.


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