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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

IAPH wants container weight to be checked before entry into port

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) today applauded the adoption by the IMO of a SOLAS amendment regarding the mandatory weighing of containers before loading onto ships, but insisted the verification should take place before boxes enter a port precinct.

The amendment adopted last week will become effective July 1st, 2016 and will require shippers to submit verified gross weight of containers before the export boxes can be loaded onto ships.

“IAPH welcomes adoption of this amendment as the regulation will enhance safety of maritime container transportation,” said the association’s president Grant Gilfillan.

“In the interests of port operators it will be the position of IAPH that weight verification should be completed before a container enters a port precinct,” he added. “To not do so will continue to allow a significant risk to road users within the port and to terminal operators (stevedores) if they have to handle a container with unverified weight.”

“Expecting a terminal operator to verify weight as part of its handling process is not a complete solution, and the IAPH will be encouraging regulators within governments or port jurisdictions to seek solutions which verify container weights as close to the point of packing as is practical.”

Headquartered in Tokyo, the IAPH represents roughly 200 ports and 150 maritime companies worldwide. 


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