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Friday, 09 February 2018

Cargo volumes of Taganrog Sea Commercial Port soar by 48% in 2017

Taganrog Port Taganrog Port

In 2017, Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TSCP, member of UCL Holding) handled 1.59 million tonnes of cargo, which is 48% more than in 2016. The growth is attributed to increasing demand for the port's key types of cargo and resumed imports from Turkey.

Transshipment of general cargo surged by 73% to 221,000 tonnes including 112,000 tonnes of ferrous metal and pipe products (+35%) and 109,000 tonnes of cargo in big bags/boxes (up 3 times). The surge was also driven by imports of ferromanganese, new cargo for TSCP.

Considerable growth was demonstrated in the segment of dry bulk cargo, up 54%, year-on-year, to 1.26 million tonnes. Having put into operation the Gottwald HSK170 EG portal crane and a 14 cbm grab bucket the company was able to boost its performance and meet the flow of coal taking into consideration the increased number of coal ranks: the company's throughput grew by 26% to 755,000 tonnes. Transshipment of ore surged 2.5 times to 77,000 tonnes. Transshipment of grain doubled, year-on-year, to 398,000 tonnes amid the improved market situation and high yield of grain in Russia. The company also handled 32,000 tonnes of pet-coke which was not handled in 2016).

Transshipment of liquid bulk cargo fell by 11% to 100,000 tonnes.

Container throughput of TSCP climbed by 4% to 2,800 TEUs (6,200 tonnes).

In the reporting period, the company handled 1.29 million tonnes of export cargo, 101,000 tonnes of import cargo and 193,000 tonnes of coastal trade cargo (82%, 6% and 12% of the total throughput, accordingly). A total of 16,562 rail cars and 401 vessels were handled at the berths of TSCP in 2017.

About Taganrog Sea Commercial Port:

Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TSCP, part of UCL Port, a stevedoring division of the international transportation group UCL Holding) is a key stevedoring company operating at the Port of Taganrog. The company operates at the port's Berths No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. In 2016, TSCP handled 1.07 million tonnes of cargo.

Press Release Date 8 February 2018


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