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Monday, 29 January 2018

Volga Shipping Company carried 6.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2017, up 24% Y-o-Y

In 2017, vessels of Volga Shipping Company (part of UCL Holding) transported 6.5 million tonnes of freight, up 24%, year-on-year. The company says its net tonne/km freight grew year-on-year by 16% to 6.25 billion t/km.

In the reporting period, exports totaled 4 million tonnes (+13%). Cargo carried by Volga Shipping on Russia's inland waterways totaled 2.5 million tonnes (+ 46%).

Waterborne freight growth was attributed to last year's record crop and recovery in the construction market in the Central and Volga regions.

Export / domestic transportation share in 2017 was 61% / 39% (in 2016 – 67% / 34%, accordingly). The trend of exports exceeding domestic transportation persists.

The list of key cargoes is the same: grain, sulphur, metal and construction materials. Volga Shipping Company transported 2.2 million tonnes of grain (+42%). This accounts for one third of total volumes carried by the company in 2017 and Volga Shipping's 25-year high. Export metal transportation plummeted by 26% (- 200 000 tonnes) to 0.7 million tonnes. Sulphur transportation totaled 1 million tonnes, which is the same as the previous year result. Crushed stone (from Karelia's open pits) make the bulk of cargoes carried within Russia – 1.6 million tonnes (up 500 000 tonnes, or +42%, year-on-year). Domestic transportation of gravel surged threefold to 0.3 million tonnes.

Overall, in the 2017 navigation season Volga Shipping Company operated 79 dry bulk carriers and tugboats, including four Volga-Don class vessels that were deployed in August peak season, and additionally 59 non-self-propelled units.

Taking into consideration annual increase of export grain transportation, more cargo ships are supposed to be prepared for the navigation season of 2018. All ships will be fitted with radio- and navigation equipment for operation in coastal waters.

About Volga Shipping
Volga Shipping OJSC is one of the largest and oldest water transportation companies in Russia which was founded back in 1843. The company transports cargoes along rivers and lakes of the country. In 2016, Volga Shipping carried 5.2 million tonnes of cargo. The Company is a part of VBTH, shipping division of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, international transportation group consolidating a number of Russian railway, stevedoring and logistic assets (the majority stakeholder of VBTH). The division also comprises North Western Shipping Company, V.F.Tanker and Okskaya Sudoverf Shipyard.

Press Release Date 26 January 2018


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