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Monday, 29 January 2018

UCL Holding's MRA increased number of graduates by 23% in 2017

In 2017, Marine Recruiting Agency LLC (MRA, part of UCL Holding) trained 2,927 specialists including port dockers, road building workers and warehouse employees, which represents a 23% growth from 2016. The firm attributes the increase to the expansion of its training programmes range and the geography of services.

In the reporting period, a team of the MRA training centre developed a number of special programmes to retrain port workers for container and coal handling stevedoring companies for the following jobs: "Operator of stationary vacuum dust collection system", "Operator of warehousing facility receiving grain cargo for temporary storage", "Operator of steam generator", "Driver of off-road vehicle". With the increasing share of educational services provided to the partners through tutored self-study system, the geography of MRA activities has expanded in the regions of the Baltic, Black, Kara and Caspian seas.

The most popular jobs among port workers are dock-engineer, slingman, lift truck driver, mooring man. They were chosen by 1,121 trainees, which is similar to the number of 2016. In the reporting period, 103 people were trained as crane operators and 58 – as tallymen. Additional professional training courses "Fire Safety" and "Labour Safety" were chosen by 1,042 trainees, three times as much as in the previous year.

Besides, 85 students of industry-specific schools of higher and vocational education were trained by MRA in 2017. Practical training was traditionally held at the premises of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC. MRA's adapted training courses were developed with a view that the students of higher education institutions already possess certain basic professional knowledge allowing for obtaining of industry specific job.

About MRA
Marine Recruiting Agency LLC is a recruiting company representing interests of transport logistic, construction and other companies of North-Western region in the sphere of recruiting, training and provision of temporary personnel. MRA was established in 2001 and is a subsidiary Sea Port Saint-Petersburg JSC. Since January 1, 2016 the company has been accredited by Federal Service for Labour and Employment for performing the activities related to provision of personnel. MRA has its own Training Centre with technical infrastructure. Its functions are primary training, re-qualification and advanced training on the basis of various educational programmes.


Press Release Date 26 January 2018


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