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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

PSA and NUS Collaborate to Develop Human Capital in Advanced Port Technologies and Intelligent Systems

Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost, and Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International after signing the MOU. Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost, and Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International after signing the MOU. National University of Singapore (NUS)

To cultivate a new generation of Engineering and Infocomm Technology professionals for Singapore's Next Generation Port in Tuas, PSA Corporation Limited (PSA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop Human Capital to support the growth of the port industry.

The new Tuas port will leverage automation technologies and intelligent interconnected systems to enhance terminal productivity and optimise processes. To build up the competencies required, PSA will jointly develop curriculum and programmes with the NUS School of Computing and NUS Faculty of Engineering, where students will have opportunities to advance their knowledge in a wide range of areas, including data analytics, cyber security, automation and intelligent systems. Problem statements and case studies provided by PSA will help NUS students better understand how new technologies and intelligent systems are applied to modern port operations and equipment.

PSA will also provide and strengthen its support for NUS' Global Engineering Programme, Innovation and Design-Centric Programme, and Co-Operative Education Programme.

Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, said, "PSA has moved quickly to embrace advanced port technologies and intelligent systems, such as data analytics, automation, and robotics, at our terminals as we prepare for Singapore's container port of the future in Tuas. We have embarked on a plan to redesign jobs and build competencies, to continue to create exciting new career pathways for our present and future employees. This MOU is therefore very timely as it allows PSA to tap NUS' latest pedagogy and resources, and brings opportunities not only for us to equip NUS students with practical industry skills, but also gives them the chance to pursue careers with excellent prospects in PSA."

Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost, said, "NUS is pleased to partner PSA to jointly develop manpower and capabilities relevant to the port and maritime industry. Our students could develop competencies in port operations and management through a combination of classroom learning – in the form of case studies and problem statements from PSA – and hands-on experience, for instance through internships and industry projects. Our faculty members would leverage NUS' broad base of research strengths to co-create innovative solutions with PSA staff to address critical challenges confronting ports of the 21st century. I am confident that this synergistic partnership will further strengthen Singapore's position as a global maritime hub."

Press Release Date 24 November 2017, by PSA


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