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Tuesday, 03 October 2017

Port of Rotterdam launches blockchain lab

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam have partnered to launch an applied research lab for the development of applications and solutions based on blockchain technology.

BlockLab has been pioneered by the port authority and the municipality, who will also be financing the project, and is also supported by regional development corporation InnovationQuarter.

The research facility will begin with a core team of five from the Cambridge Innovation Centre in Rotterdam, with theoretical blockchain ideas being developed, tested and worked into concrete opportunities with developers and users.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will work with the team to develop a curriculum to manage the influx of new blockchain researchers.

The lab will also be used as a knowledge centre for the regional private sector.

At the launch of BlockLab, a blockchain application for stock financing in the port logistics sector, developed in partnership with Exact and ABN AMRO, was presented.

"There's this huge buzz about 'blockchain', but actually, there aren't that many fully functional applications. We'll be changing this with BlockLab," said Rotterdam Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs Maarten Struijvenberg.

"This is important, because we need real innovations to launch the next economy and blockchain can help us realise them."

October 2, 2017 by Portstrategy


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