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Monday, 20 February 2017

Applied research laboratory on trade facilitation, digital customs and logistics launched in Le Havre

Launch of TRAFIS LAB: the first Public Private research laboratory dedicated to trade facilitation, security, digital technology and artificial intelligence.

Le Havre, February 9th, 2016

French Customs, HAROPA, SOGET and ISEL University of Le Havre Normandy, are pooling forces to create TRAFIS LAB, an applied research laboratory on trade facilitation, digital customs and logistics, to meet new trade opportunities.

The four founding entities have initiated a Scientific Interest Group (SIG) to host this innovative public-private partnership which will welcome researchers and private stakeholders from the whole world starting in 2017.

According to Jean-Michel Thillier, Deputy Director general of French Customs: “The environment in which the world trade of goods, and consequently, in which the Customs administrations have to work, is complex and shaped by very diverse expectations. Among the latter, one can mention the growing requirements of the society in terms of security, public health and environment or the expectations of the economic private stakeholders in favour of increased fluidity of licit trade”.

According to Hervé Martel, General Director of HAROPA port of Le Havre: “TRAFIS LAB should bring operational solutions to strengthen trade competitiveness and stimulate the logistics fluidity of the multimodal transport system on the Seine river. Beyond a mere port service; customers are looking for a thorough and competitive solution customers are looking for a thorough and competitive solution. Their demands concern specific issues: an efficient transit port, a logistics model connected up to the international multimodal networks of distribution, warehousing capacities both automated and HQE, and finally an interoperable information system with the other information and planning systems of the supply chain stakeholders connected throughout the world. Within this scope, the provision of dynamic key performance indicators will be highly expected. TRAFIS LAB will enable a collaborative approach with our industrial, logistics and shipowners customers, to digitalise Port logistics. TRAFIS LAB prepares our future within the scope of the digital transformation in order to improve the performance of our port and logistics eco-system”.

According to Gilles Paumier, President and CEO of SOGET: “Since 1983, the Port Community System has been a Le Havre and national know-how. Today, it enables France to be Number One for trading across borders in the 2017 World Bank’s Doing Business ranking. TRAFIS LAB is a unique research laboratory for collaborative digital solutions including applications based on artificial intelligence. TRAFIS LAB is a unique tool to strengthen competitive advantages, win international markets and anticipate development of nextgen PCS and customs solutions“.

According to Edouard Reppert, Manager of ISEL (University of Le Havre Normandy logistics engineering schools): “Optimizing the sources of logistics value requires adapted, agile and resilient skills. Within Le Havre logistics Campus, ISEL in partnership with the French Customs, HAROPA and SOGET, will play a leadership role in training and research, while opening TRAFIS’ logistics and port eco-system to global academic networks”.

Press release Friday 10 February 2017


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