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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Triunfo upgrades Rio de Janeiro terminal with Reais102M facelift

Brazil’s Ports Minister Helder Barbalho this week signed a contract authorising the Go Ahead for Triunfo Logistica to spend nearly Reais102million (US$28.26 million) on expanding and improving their port facilities in Rio de Janeiro.
The Special Brazilian Ports Ministry (SEP) has granted Triunfo the new contract as a 20-year extension to its original concession which is due to run out on August 20th 2017 but will now run to the same date of 2037. The extension is granted on condition that the Reais102million is spent on improving the facility.
According to the Brazilian Ports Ministry (SEP), this investment by Triunfo – in a terminal specialising in break bulk, especially steel products and as an Offshore Support Base - is just a small part of the Reias7.283 billion (US$2.17 billion) that is to be invested in the state of Rio de Janeiro over the next few years, and that is also separate from the overall Reais10 billion to be spent on new concessions in Brazil between now and 2019.
The rapidly growing Triunfo terminal – located near the Caju area of downtown Rio de Janeiro – has been creaking at the seams somewhat in recent years, so the improvements will be more than welcome by port users and shipowners alike. The new money will go on new concrete dolphins, improving the quay and terminal in general and in new equipment, especially port cranes and winches.
Barbalho added that further contract extensions would seeantoher Reais2.837 billion invested, newfuture concessions will see Reais1.356 billion and new Termianls of Private Use (TUPs) will see a further Reais3.09 billion invested in Rio de Janeiro.
SEP and Barbalho are keen to improve Brazil’s overall infrastructure and are trying to get the private setor to fund these improvements.
Triunfo Logistica is also one of the main shareholders (along with MSC Line) of the Portonave container terminal in the Itajai Port Complex, in the southern state of Santa Catarina.
Submitted by Rob Ward, Brazil Correspondent, 30 March 2016


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