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Friday, 04 March 2016

GCT Canada selects INFORM software to optimize rail operations at GCT Deltaport

INFORM’s Rail Scheduler will optimize container handover from yard to rail as well as all remotely-operated RMG moves.

GCT Canada Limited Partnership (GCT Canada), the operator of the country’s flagship container terminal located in Port Metro Vancouver, selected INFORM’s software to optimize their rail operations.

INFORM’s Rail Scheduler is part of the GCT Deltaport Intermodal Yard Reconfiguration project. This innovative project delivers capacity to meet projected rail demand for Canadian and US markets within the existing terminal footprint. The INFORM software will optimize container handover between yard, rail, and RMG moves.

The Rail Scheduler’s proposed handover times and transfer points at the rail area will optimize each container transfer between the yard and rail. The optimization benefits container handling, loading, managing rail transfer points, and finally the job sequencing of eight remotely-operated, cantilevered RMG (CRMG) cranes.

This redesign expands capacity and ensures safe and efficient train loading and unloading, while decreasing re-stacking moves at the yard blocks resulting into a smoother flow of containers through the terminal. Each CRMG spans double stacked railcars over seven tracks.

INFORM’s Rail Scheduler interfaces with GCT Canada’s existing terminal operating system. A simulation was carried out in October 2015, delivery is scheduled for October 2016, and the go-live is planned in early 2017.

“We were impressed by INFORM’s simulation and by the professionalism of their staff”, said Kwang Chen, Vice President of Terminal Support Services at GCT Canada. “The software optimizes container movements at the right time, allowing us to better utilize our terminal assets”.

“Our optimization software will go-live at seven terminals across the world this year,” added Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President of INFORM’s logistics division. “And apart from major maritime terminal operators, more and more inland terminals use our software to speed up their processes”.

To accommodate both the anticipated container growth in North America and the introduction of mega ships into the transpacific tradelane, GCT Canada is expanding and improving its rail operation at GCT Deltaport. The intermodal yard reconfiguration project will increase the existing intermodal capacity by over 50 percent to 1.9 million TEUs annually.

About GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.
Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. operates four Green Marine certified terminals in two principal North American ports. Through GCT USA on the East Coast, the company operates two award-winning facilities: GCT New York on Staten Island, NY and GCT Bayonne in Bayonne, NJ. On the West Coast, GCT Canada operates two gateway terminals: GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport in Vancouver and Delta, BC. Visit www.globalterminals.com to find out more about GCT.

Press release dated Friday 4 March


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